Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grandma Move It or Wait Stay Right There

Okay so my reading today encouraged me to look back at the first part of this year to see when God's sovereignty was at work. It said Sovereignty was God reigning in the affairs of his people. He often does this by guarding, protecting, and keeping from harm. Just in our trip to Passion alone we made it there in Melissa's car which apparently had issues, but gave us no problem. The weather was beyond cold, but we avoided the snow by less than 24 hours. As far as the past few weeks go, I'm not sure of EVERYTHING God has kept me safe from, but on a side note there was something I was curious about. Do you think when that annoying old lady cuts you off on the highway forcing you to do like 50ish in a 60, that God is trying to keep you out of harms way? Earlier this happened to me, and my first instinct was C'mon lady are you serious? But then I started thinking about today's reading. What might I have just been spared from, and suddenly I was actually a little thankful. I don't know that its true, but what if it is. God can put slow old ladies in front of me, whenever he would like if that's his intention!

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