Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future Tennis Pro

Okay so the other day I posted a facebook status that said,

"Life is a lot like tennis- the goal is to learn to serve best!!"

It really helps me focus. It's not about making a ton of money, or having a bunch of friends or things, but its about serving God. More often than not serving God happens by serving others. When we were at Passion 2010, Louie had a meeting with all the volunteers before our job assignments were passed out. He basically said its not about the job, because whether our job was to watch the forks behind a curtain it would be just as important as holding the door that 21,000 college kids were walking thru. I was on the touch team, but more specifically the directional team. I thought no big deal I can tell people where to go, I'm good with directions. Little did I know that I would really just be an insanely cold sign holder. I held a few doors, screamed loudly about bags, acted as a human orange cone, but my main job was The No Bag Line Sign Holder! Sounds pretty lame right?!? Well it freaking rocked! It was an amazing experience, and it was nice to serve God and all those kids in that way. I knew that by giving them the directions getting them from place to place, I was playing a small part in the awesome things God was planning to do thru them as a result of the conference.

But what now? What is the next step for me to become a future tennis pro? How can I serve best?

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