Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Michelle needs a piercing!

Ha! Ha! This blog is going to be fun. ;)

Okay so I was looking back through some of the things I've read so far in the Bible and one part stuck out to me. Moses was talking about how after a servant has served for a six year period you are to let them go in the seventh year. If for some reason the servant chooses to stay to remain under his masters protection, the master would pierce the servants ear to show the strength of their relationship. It says, "This is my beloved servant or I am perpetually his beloved master."

In the daily walk section it says, "Have you pierced your ears for the Lord yet? Are you the property of the father, ready to do his will as a living servant? If not give God your ears--and life--right now."

I'm not in anyway doubting Michelle's dedication to living for God. She's the most faithful servant of God that I know. It's just her ears. I'm pretty sure one of them closed up on her, but that doesn't in anyway reflect on her "piercing status" where it comes to Jesus! Just couldn't resist!

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